Iniquitous Testo

Testo Iniquitous

I feel the rise of the fires as we prepare to go down in flames
The final shreds of humanity are hanging by a thread
Lost in our insurrection we claim to know the way
While our supposed ministries only seek, only seek further acclaim

I am disgusted
You only spread your delusions
I am depleted
By the sickness you convey
Falsify and mock the only chance you have for redemption
Bend and mold the Word until it meets your necessity
Flood us with your gimmicks and pretentious lines
Until you almost believe the lies yourself

Prey on the naive and profit from their generosity
Form a line and pass around your hat like you deserve a single cent

No we won't, we won't stand
Stand for this any longer
We won't, we won't stand
By and watch you destroy us all

We won't watch you destroy us

The time for formalities is gone
And now
Your profiteering will come to an end