My Life In The Screen Actor's Guild Testo

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Testo My Life In The Screen Actor's Guild

Somebody save us.
I am glued down to these sheets.
I'm feeling anxious and insane.
When time is on fire.
And i am dancing with the ashes.
And breathing so much faster, I'll keep runnin on forever.

Is this all that we have to learn, will we ever get our turn?
Just cause i wanted to be heard.

My eyes are getting heavy.
The clouds will orchestrate a new meaning.
When all i see is...
These yellow slips of paper
They're always filled with do's and dont's
We're moving at the speed of sound. when nobody's around

I need a challenge
To play these songs to play my life
Like a B-movie, the rest of the letters were taken
An instantaneous rejection
I'll bring the actor to his knees
I always missed the drama.

Take 5, well done
That's a wrap.

They're speaking to me softly
Before the darkness fades and daylight breaks
And all these fakes are..
Lined up straight in a row
Display the killer fashion show
They're lining up for miles.

This poison touch
Was once a warm embrace
And all these times
We thought you had a face

Just keep yourself in line, and you will be just fine...