The Good Life Testo

Testo The Good Life

Well, there's a two o'clock flight down to Key West
I could catch it if I leave now I bet
Where the steel drum sounds while the sun sinks down in the water
I got five vacation days comin'
I'll spend my forty hour week beach bummin'
I won't pack a lot a clothes, 'cause where
I'm gonna go it don't matter

I wanna ride some waves, tan my skin
Dance with a girl I'll never see again and get tattooed
Catch some fish, catch a buzz
Bend some rules just because I want to
I'm gonna open wide, take a bite
And taste the good life

Ahh, paradise never gets boring,
I might even do a little surf boardin'
Catch a ride if I can with the parachute man and go soarin'

(Repeat Chorus Twice)