Hoe I Am Testo

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Testo Hoe I Am

I'm a hoe
I'm a hoe

Black nigga is the shit
And I'm to blame
I let him work that thang
Now he's runnin game
I'm a jigga high
I'm a jigga hoe
I'm a jigga my nigga
And work him low
So when you see me
Don't front like you wanna kill it
When I turn down the lights
Make me feel it
Yeah, I like foreplay
And yo, what's next?
Cuz I'm known for havin way out sex
With my g-string on
And my red pumps...ooh
I make you love all the things
That I do
First I ride it
Then gently work it
Since it's all up in his face
I'll let him slurp it

I'm a hoe, you know I'm a hoe
I'm a hoe
(with an attitude)

Now a hoe too many
I know I'll be
Cuz I will always take another bitch property
I get him home for the fact
That I'm livin it up
He'll take one look at this body
And he'll be givin it up
I know you like what you see
I'm the one you wanna see
Where the sun don't shine
Deep, dark, take a lick
Real thickly
Cuz I'm gettin tired
And if you slow I garauntee
You won't get hired
So do the job, foo'
I gets my money cuz I'm knowin
That you'll chop on the chop
Don't stop until it's over-flowin
Keep me goin, I'm a work it
If I'm on top
I'm a break it
TLC ain't too proud to beg
And I ain't to proud to say it


I'll licky licky licky licky licky lick ya

I'm the hoe talkin shit
About how sprung you'll get
I'm not like Prince
But you can call it soft and wet
Lickity lick me high
Lickity lick me low
With attitude I'll be his finest
Higgety hoe
Whisperin sweet nothin's in his ear
Freaky alibis
Cum down my thights
Until you start to rise
Up to the equation
It's straight hot sex
Flip me over, bend me
Then watch me flex
At the drop of a dime
It's what you know what to do
We'll be sexin
And I'll be freakin you
First I tease it
And then I please it
A 69er's in effect
So you can eat it