Busted Testo

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Testo Busted

Nothin', where you at?
Oh, you on your way home?
Word, well I'll see you when you get here, we got somethings to talk about.

Now when we first met,
It was all good,
Told me that you were lookin' for somebody who would love you
But I never could,
Opened up my heart,
And I let you in,
Made you part of my life
Then you went ahead and ran with it.

(Damn I should've known better than that)
Shoulda never trusted you.
(Now I'm wishin' that I can go back)
Shoulda never broke my rules.
Baby I don't ever wanna hurt no more.
So tell me what the hell are you lookin' for.

You busted girl I caught you,
And all my people saw you,
So don't you even try and talk that bullshit to me.
Just leave them clothes I bought ya,
And all them jewels I comped ya,
What made you think I'd let you make a fool out of me?
Oh baby girl it's hopeless,
You got me losin' focus,
And I can't believe I didn't see this comin' before.
I'm tired of all this talkin',
Give me back them keys you're walkin',
Your bridge is burnin you ain't welcome back here no more
It's over now.

All of those shoppin' sprees,
And midnight movies,
Thought it meant something,
Well at least I know it did to me.
And then you act like you,
Don't give a damn at all,
Girl you must be crazy gone off that alcohol.
Because you'll never find another love like mine.
Someone who'll be there for you (every day and every night)
And all them freaky things,
That we used to do,
You can just forget em cause we're through.



You see all this time,
I ain't never let nobody get this close to me.
You had me thinkin' you could be different,
Now you wanna go and do some shit like this.
Guess I should've known.

Never thought that I would play your fool,
Damn I never shoulda broke my rules,
Damn I was trippin' by thinkin you were so damn cool.
Baby I don't wanna hurt no more,
Tell me what the hell you lookin' for.
I'm takin' back all my love and girl you can't say no more.