March Of Black Earth Testo

Testo March Of Black Earth

Come awake from your passionless tomb
fight take back life as the savage and true are risen anew
move out among the enslaved
strike we are born from the ash and decay the filth and the plague
that surrounds and defines the bound and the blind
just a choice of restrains when there's no escape
but we will radiate

we come tonight to raise the dead
black earth arise blood will be shed
we will not bow
we have no regrets we come tonight to raise the dead

from the earth without master or pride
bow to no one we are already saved with no need to obey
we pray to no heavenly tribe
ignite we create our own meaning and light as we take back the night

deny your grave dance forth from dust unafraid
with tongues of new life children ignite the black flame
let this battle cry never die away never stop fighting never give in always endure until the end