Back Of The Bus Testo

Testo Back Of The Bus

Well you talk about disease Like it's part of the plan Another God sent plague on the common man You talk about love The way you think about lust Like it's something obscene You don't wanna discuss Like it doesn't exist in your Neck ofthe woods You think it's over-rated And misunderstood You'd rather ship 'em like cattle To the Hindu kush I'm gonna write it all down In the back of the bus Oh oh I feel the heat Oh oh I feel the rush Oh oh I feel the heat I'm gonna move on down To the back of the bus I'm gonna make my stand In the back of the bus I'm going to write it all out In the back of this bus They got forty-six thousand Less today In the name of freedom In the U.S.A. We gotta stick it to them Before they get to us They got enough heat stashed To blow us all to dust You got control greed confirmity Just three little words That don't apply to me In a couple of summers When you all adjust You'll be riding with your buddies In the back ofthe bus Chorus Man, look at that monkey over there I bet you think you're tough Well, I ain't scared You got a face like that damn Sun Yung Moon I saw you praying to the East this afternoon Well you've taken our women And you got our jobs With your Chinese writing And your foreign gods I don't want you sitting down here next to us Why don't you take that Seat in the back of the bus Chorus Well, tv's flashing the subliminal lie They're gonna bend you shape you And crucify you If you know your wines Then it's understood You don't need a good reference You can join the club But before you even know it There's a couple of kids It's a fine line you're walking now But God forbid You wanna talk to him You gotta give to us Man I think I'm gonna throw up In the back of the bus Well this ain't no time to celebrate We got too much sorrow And too much hate We got too much them And not enough us Man there's too much heat In the back of this bus