Five Ten Twenty Testo

Testo Five Ten Twenty

well me and Bobby raised a little hell ninety eight on the Richter scale so we go rob a bank and bring a little change in our luck we can breeze in and nearly steal the show then take a ride down to old Mexico i got some people there who can hustle a pretty fast buck hang around and stay at their place a new identity, a new change of face and when the heat goes down we hit the border before it gets light five ten twenty twenty five thirty thirty five forty forty five fifty fifty five sixty sixty five seventy seventy five eighty eighty five ninety ninety five i bet i?ll win a hundred to one so we checked out a little town burning up in the heat coming down there was a guard at the door and a multitude of video eyes i walked up to the lady and said open your safe, make my day she see the gun in my hand and her eyes go wild in surprise and then the guard, he moved from the door i see him reaching for his old 44 i pull the catch on my safety as i look into his blue eyes