Necromancer Testo

Testo Necromancer

when worlds are formed and stardust blows to everything an answer when lightning leaves the thundercloud and thunder follows after that?s when you?ll find no earthly kind the everlasting dancer this is my wish for me, just once to be a necromancer a blinding light flew in at a hundred thousand miles per hour a ball of fire exploded somewhere near the radar tower i know this doesn?t fit your ideology you only realize the things you feel the things you see a golden ship sailed in and orbited around the earth an undersea volcano blew apart to spread new life with comets flying flashing in between the stars they?re like an arrow flying straight into the heart because i?m right that?s why i?m winning i?ve got so many reasons to be giving maybe today maybe tomorrow i am the everlsting dancer and i?ll be a necromancer for all time of roman empires in a cloud of time so long ago and of the times that will be here a thousand years from now i was around in sixty million years B.C. i know the present, future, past that has to be from somewhere out beyond the edges of the universe where all the laws of space and time to not exist i can be anything that i can choose to be i am the eagle on the mountain who is free