Return This Love To You Testo

Testo Return This Love To You

it's nearly 3 a.m. and i'm lying here on my bed the video's playing Bogart and i'm pretending to sleep or maybe i'm dead i've died and i've gone to heaven or some crazy place in my head but that couldn't take my worry Ôcause i'm gona say it again if i could return this love to you oh baby it would be worth the things i do in this life,this life but i'm far away you can't get through it's true and it makes you blue if i could return this love to you i feel at my best now, baby wandering around in the night the daylight it just upsets me makes me cover my head i'm shaking with fright i've got to find me now, mama so take me away from the light the wall that surrounds me, girl is just my way of trying to fight