Ridiculous Testo

Testo Ridiculous

Ridiculous Ridiculous situation, when you sit down and cry, ridiculous conversation, why I´m asking myself - why ? Standing here like a stranger, it´s my home and it´s my life. Must be centurys ago, since we got man - and wife. Why do you treat me so wrong ? I was looking for love, you were looking for support. What happend to our parents, we´re afraid of them - faults. Our life cristallized - in our fear of the sin. Threatened by the days affairs, by the friends who came - in. Why do you treat me so wrong ? One tried to treat it intellectual, other by professional efforts. In this foggy side by side, the children go - short. And the mean problem was, there was no self confidence. Love is no therapie ! You hadn´t really - a chance ? Why did we treat us so wrong ?