Creep Testo

Testo Creep

I be low
And I be high
Niggas know
So I creep
So I creep

I was trapped, I must confess
Niggas got me with the okie-dokie
Did the Okeechobee, nigga, now it's chess
Okinawa, that's the power puff
Boy, that flower I been concentrating
All this constant hating got me powered up
Keep it humble, crumble sour soss
Keep it bumble, try to pollinate
Keep it low-key, niggas fumble bags
With the humble brag, overcompensating
Under radar, niggas know I creep
She want Prada, she a Meryl Streep
Snooze button, niggas counting sheep
Kinda funny that's when I'm woke
Still tippin' on my fuckin' toes

Back, back with a vengeance
Like getting head in the back of the Benzs
Bitch get blocked, now she back in my mentions
Slide to the 'burb, then we back to the trenches
Bitch, I creep
Came with the business, bae with the business
K with extension, aim with the click and
Hater resistant, hang with the gangstas
Lay with the bitches
Bitch, I creep
Never no slippin'
Bitch, we bang like beat with the system
Fuck police, got beef with the system
Beef with a nigga, then you sleep with the fishes
Bitch, I creep
Uh, chain go clink
Brand new coupe look mango pink
Chain look just like ice skate rink
This I-C-B in a ice cold mink
And bitch, I creep