Puppet Master Testo

Testo Puppet Master

I'm broken
naked to the world
with nowhere left to turn
and in this world of opportunities
all i get is no
kill my spirit
kill my pride
i'm just another notch on your belt
and why me
the symbol of your defeat
and why not
with no possible retreat
and in this game of cat and mouse were trapped in this maze
there's never any give or take
just take
the enigma burns
you'll never keep me down under your thumb
and you think you've already won
you and your sacrilegious tongue
but the rebellion's just begun and now your time is done
abuse me while you still have the chance
drain me
of the nothing i have left
and in this world of unlimited greed all you want is more
my dreams became my memories and proof of my failure
what will be my fate
a nightmare
will i ever awake
and in this world of inequalities
you get no second chance
well this puppet is cutting its strings and with no regret
and now my time has come