Orgy Of The Damned Testo

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Testo Orgy Of The Damned

I be getting backrubs in backrooms of S&M clubs
I'm on drugs, during sex I use anal beads and butt plugs
I'm holding hookers dooty holes hostage
I spend my nights on 42nd street searching for chicks that into bondage
Torture tactics I practice, tear up your mattress
Kidnap an actress, than activate my raiding plastics
My zany antics keep the ladies frantic
And when I sadomise a secretary I'm very romantic
It must be all the medial substances, cigarettes and black coffee
I'm smoking crack rocklets with morpheme
I guess she would say I'm a junkie
One sprinkle of coke on my cock and I'm feeling mass funky
I'd like to be a role model
Picture me on the screen with a bloody butcher knife and a Bacardi bottle
People go think “What were they thinking?”
But then who would'a thought that O.J. Simpson would turn into Joeeeel Rifkin

Welcome to the Orgy of the Damned
Welcome to the Orgy of the Damned
Orgy of the Damned
Welcome to the Orgy of the Damned
Experience all your lusts and fantasies first hand

I'm searching for hitchhiking virgins
Yeah, you know, the type of girl that's down for like what ever's your perversion
She's got the itch but doesn't know quite how to scratch it
So I'm slipping the bitch amoeba during a surgic acid
To cause a Cumshot Bonanza
The way I'm getting all up in that ass you'd think I was a case of colon cancer
Plus I'm diseased in the mental
And when I'm feeling stressed I inject direct to my left ventricle
Pumping fluids containing pharmaceuticals to keep me kooky
Some people would describe my vibe as spooky
Or freaky, cause I be kinkier than Ludfried Kamel
The pussy vandal, sticking my fingers in for samples

[Chorus x2]

I'm doing the type of sex that pimps do
Cherry girls be hanging out my hat like I was down with Eazy-E's crew
Creeping through public transportation turnals
Looking for alcoholic sluts willing to use their mouths as urinals
I like a really touchy-feely
3 girls and some baby oil squirming on my pastropedic suite
Some and join in by a cult of love
I'll initiate you with some anastatics and a rubber glove
I get my kicks from watching chick flicks
European women shooting around out their lactating tits
Now that's what I call entertainment
Some into the Orgy of the Damned and free yourselves from the enslaaaavements

[Chorus x2]

Soya juice