The Alibi Of Tyrants Testo

Testo The Alibi Of Tyrants

They can't get to me I'm sitting in the back seat Turn around, I grip my gun To rise against the pigs Communista de lista But I resist the exorcist To make you fucking kneel down Suck, Spit, Respect Five shots go buck, buck, buck, buck Duck, get the fuck out the way This is gonna go down Llevame Walk off the edge no one loves you As always Salvame Cover my eyes no one needs you As always and never again Tres por tres en la fila Line the fuck up when I get my gun Respeta la metra Fuck the system, fuck their prejudice Resist Communista de lista completa Wipe, spit, respect Persistance Buck, buck, buck Five shots to shut their eyes Five ways to save their lives How can I turn this fucking shit into gold While it spits me clean Policia pa donde tu andas No te metas adentro e la banda No te metas te cortan los pies No preguntes questiones por que Te as dispueto acerte dificil Tas con pueto de nene con feces Get the fuck out, get the fuck out You can't bring me down Led astray, I have to force this Fuck the world - They'll never notice Who am I But nothing can break me away From the moment that I can't deny Five shots to shut their eyes Five ways to save my life