Crazy Testo

Testo Crazy

Hey girl
When I looked at you
I've never seen brown eyes so true
Oh, something wonderful came over me
You've gotta hear my cry for sympathy

You drive me crazy
Don't know what to do
You got me baby
I'm so hooked on you
You drive me crazy
With the things you do
You got me baby

Your always on my mind
I swear I think that your so fine
Girl in time
Love the way, the way you make me feel
I know this time the feeling's real


You must know
You mean the world to me
There's no other love I can see
Not a day goes by
Without me knowin' that I
Want you, want you by my side
For the rest of my life


Everyday I think of you
'Cause I really like the way you make me feel
Oh baby..
Its not want you do
Its the way you do it
You know how to make my dreams come true