Apocalyptic Blizzard Regime Testo

Testo Apocalyptic Blizzard Regime

Lord, lord of winter death.... Attack! Leave, leave no human soul... Intact! Rape this world and spew thy evil seed Blanket of white and blizzard stampeed!!! Azure Aura, transform to white Winter storm cloud spirits.... gather in the night Pierce through heaven, Pierce through hell The resonant sound, the doomsday bell Despair and hunger.... to eat they need On themselves and family... they will feed Fear and pain and tears they cry Freeze there lungs and make them... Die! No hope for civilization, Frozen global annihilation Encase there souls, children, wives... Shatter there warmth, homes... and lives! Mummification... entombment under snow Genocidal screams, through wind doth blow! Blow! Blow!