Back For The Attack! Testo

Testo Back For The Attack!

maybe it's just my randomly firing synapses,
but I think about nothing but you as time passes.
I'm no home run hitter, but I'll still step up to bat,
and now you know that's why I'm back, back for the attack.
now bear witness, I return defenseless,
to set the pavement made with my intentions here.
holding it together, thought out every letter
of every word in every sentence so carefully.
I thought out every word, every sentence so carefully.
it's not enough, it's too late.
problems surfaced and they capsized our relationship,
I now propose this expedition to salvage it,
the weather may start getting rough,
our tiny ship may be tossed,
but I'll not be stopped by acts of god,
I'll get you back at any cost.
it's not getting what you want, it's wanting what you got,
and I havent got much left,
so I dig my fingers deep into the few things that I keep
and I find myself constantly fighting, screaming, biting,
trying to get you back