The Damned Testo

Testo The Damned

Let's get this over with.
Another shot in the dark and we have failed.
Yet again, to my surprise Im standing all alone.
We're all dead, we're all dead or dying.
There's nothing to save us from falling through the cracks.
No light at the end of this road,
no place to call a home.
We are the damned.
I'd say the sun went down long ago.
To hell with us we've got a debt to pay.
It wont be long from now that we settle this debt.
We'll pay this debt with our blood.
It's only death we fear when the lights go out.
In the end we'll have no place left to hide.
Death's hands are reaching out and it's out fate we'll find.
This world is at it's end, waiting on it's knee's.
We aren't ready, but this is a road we have to take.
We aren't ready, we never had the chance to say goodbye.
This is the end.
We are the damned,
Cursed and condemned.
Dead to let live.
We Are The Damned