Always Be There Testo

Testo Always Be There

It was you who walked into my lifeYou were the one - you hear my cries of lonelinessThrough my cool, cautious eyesCan't you see me reaching out for you?Can't you feel me there?Won't you please believe me?I could never touch you for the fear that I might never let you go.It was you, with the courage and the commitmentTo start your new lifeYou make me believe in mineBut can't you see the confusion through my troubled smile?I'm torn between losing meLosing me and gaining you.Maybe I've been distantMaybe I've been coldBut I've done it for my own existenceAnd I do believe - I do believe it's getting old.I might never say that I love youI might never say I careBut I will tell you nowI'll always be there.