It's Alright Testo

Testo It's Alright

It's alright forty days of rain
My skin stretched out from the growing pain
And it'd be nice to have an explanation
But it's alright

And it's alright if you hate that way
Hate me cause I'm different and you hate me cause I'm gay
Truth of the matter come around one day
And it's alright
I look at this lifeline stretched way out across my hand
I look at the burned out empty like a plague across the land
And for everything I learn there are two I don't understand
That's why I'm still on the search through the weather-strewn church
I'm doing the best that I can
And it's alright

It's alright though we worry and fuss
Can't get over the hump, can't get over us
Seems easier to push than to let go and trust
And it's alright

We get a little distance some things get clearer
Oh give them their space some hearts will grow nearer
I ran as hard as I could I still ended up here
And it's alright

So look at this lifeline stretched way all across my hand
Look at the fires of hatred burning on the bounty of this beautiful land
I know I'm small in a way, but I know I'm strong
And it's my thirst that brought me to the water
I give it all up and y'know she'll carry me on
And it's alright

And it's alright though we feel afraid
Our plans in pieces, our plans mislaid
It's the will of the way (will of the way) will of the way (will of the way)
The will of the only way that could have brought me here today
And it's alright

Yeah it's alright now