Trouble Testo

Testo Trouble

Trouble came around here
Here in the South we fix something to eat
Steam risin' up off the greenery and
We welcome the strangers we meet
Alien sick growing in these walls
Like moss in a crack that time made
I brush a guy in the airport whistling it's a small world after all
And the prices are higher but the kid's still selling lemonade

Get to the point of it
Get to the sense of it
I'm in a hurry to get through it

Hurricane flag falppin' in a bad storm
Same color as the spider underneath my nail that bit me in my dream
And who would take out the Dominican Republic
And send God's sweet children floating down a poison stream
Secret society of conference rooms
I pledge my allegiance to the dollar
And when the clergy take a vote all the gays will pay again
Cause there's more than one kind of criminal white collar


One day the war will stop
And we'll grow a peaceful crop
And a girl can get a wife
And we'll bring you back to life
Sacks of flour and rice or poker chips
Greasy palms of systems underhanding
And maybe we'll take a walk on Pluto
But be no closer to the understanding