Lights Testo

Testo Lights

All that I see
show me your ways
teach me to meet my desires...with some grace

All that I fear
don´t turn away
and leave me to plead in this hole of a place...what if I never break
estuary won´t you take me
far away
far away

All that I seek
please police me
I want you to police me
but keep it clean

how have you been.. my day
now let´s keep them away
(that´s why I hold you)
Strong as you seen
old as you behave
(that´s why I hold you)
you will always obey
(that´s why I hold you)

All that I feel
capitol ways
teach me to grieve and conspire
with my age
No heart unseen will be left so clean
Not today
It’s like you want it that way
All that I see is peaceful eyes drawn away from me
Drawn away from me

we would like to take the signs
( that´s why I hold you)
and bread silence in disguise
( that´s why I hold you... dear)
we would like to meet the buyer that is on your life
that´s why I hold you
That is all your life
That's why I hold you