1234 Testo

Testo 1234

1 hunnit 2 hunnit 3 hunnit 4
Tryna reach my goal, I need a few hunnit mo'
Tryna reach my hoe but she ain't answering the phone
If she don't hit me back, well I'mma leave her ass alone
I ain't with the punk shit, can I get a witness?
Bitch get it movin', plus I got too many bitches
I don't wait for no hoe, all my bitches robo
You ain't with the movement, bitch, you can hit the door low
Playin' with my pimpin' ain't stoppin' me from winnin'
Bout to shake this girl and get to knockin' me some winnin'
You can get to steppin' bitch and get it how you live
This Ropper Room gang, but I'm really not it deep

Just got back from the city
Lookin' mighty good
Fresh to life
Life on, and purpose is some wood
Made a lil money, now I want some mo'
I utilize my game and march back to my hoe
They keep comin' and comin'
And time is all I give
If I spent you my bitch
If you do what I said
I can't let you keep runnin'
Runnin' on and off
Pull the money out, you know what I'm about

1 bitch 2 bitch 3 bitch 4
If you ain't tryna get it, let anotha bitch go
If you ain't really wid it, whachya out here get it fo'?
All my bitches got it while them otha bitches broke
She with me someth' foreign
She with me while I'm tourin'
And you out home watchin' cause yo life is really borin'