Sweet Little Nothing Testo

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Testo Sweet Little Nothing

I'm a sweet little nothin
Tea with a muffin
Casual lovin
Followed by a brunch and
Walk on the beach
Munchin'on a peach
Indiscreet guilty pleasure
Free of a leash
I'm free and in heat feel funk like a bum
Haven't showered in a week
So what have I become
A whirling dervish
At your service
Call me what you want but labels make me nervous
Step into a coma come back with a vision
Sling a rope around your ear lobe try to make you listen
Evoke the spirits
Does someone hear it
I think it sounds almost like

You're givin me sweet little nothings
Got me up in the clouds again
Givin me sweet little nothings
I can't help it I love the
Sweet little nothings gonna smack your jaw
Sweet little nothings gonna snap your bra

Try me out lets see if I fit
Light me up buttercup and take another hit
I go good with what you wear
Hoodies or slacks in fact im the last man standing in his class
Think Roberta Flack smoking crack had a sex change
Went insane and decided to rap
I dont know about that
You dont know about jack
People worry too much
But we don't worry about that
I found a meteor and decided to find a median
Between space rock and mainstream hip-hop we keep feeding them
The public is getting fat
Cut the carbs
You aint hard
Shut your mouth you fat turb of lard
I pulled your card
We dont know who we are
Feels like someone beat you up with an acoustic guitar
Let it resonate
For goodness sakes
Cause I said I sounds almost like


I wanna get into your pants
I wanna make you dance
I wanna take a chance
I wanna do something that I never thought I would
Like write a pop hook
Thats halfway good
So give me your number girl I'll give you a call
We'll drive to Las Vegas and rent a little hall
Invite bums off the streets to witness it all
Bring life to your dreams
Then read all about our wedding in people magazine

Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet little nothing.