Come Up Freestyle Testo

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Testo Come Up Freestyle

the countdown mixtape

Who the fuck want what wit the prince of streets
we 55 deep and erbody got heat
let em ring like phones
always bring dat chrone
neva slippin cuz a nigga neva leave dat home
got da streets on smash
phones on lock
wen they know u got gwap u cud hit em wit the cock
cruisin thru the hood
couple tvs
got the leathers n the wood
two birds in the trunk
speakers on bump
fool act up ima hit em wit the pump
leave a nigga slum no legs no hair
neva eva play wit a gangsta breadd
pop that
smack a nigga up
treat him like a sandwich
wrap a niggaa up
extra clips
son i got that purp
u got that gwap we cud make it work
where u from let me see yo set
bob ya head til u break yo neck
we on the grind
all day
gettin money in the hallway
yackedd up
strapped up
plus all my shootas is blacked up
so back uppp
when the gat bump
or u stupid ass gona get clapped up
holla at the kidd
i show u how to grind
them aint real diamonds i show u how to shine
need that dough like i need to breathe
i aint no rat