One Night Stand (The Remix) Testo

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Testo One Night Stand (The Remix)

(feat. Trick Daddy, Trina)

Hello may I speak to J-Shin please
Yeah this me
Yo this is Diva!
You may not remember me but I met you in the club six weeks ago
In the club six weeks ago?
How you get my number?
(It was a one night stand)
Don't worry 'bout that!
I'm just calling to let you know I'm having your baby
(That's all I've had)
My baby, naw you trippin' man

All the hell you causin' me
Stressin' me, just let me be
The night we met it was on
I took you home all night we boned
You said it takes two to go half
But I don't think you did your math
Cause you're messin' with your man
Creepin' with your man
Now you wanna blame it on me

[1: J-Shin]
Why you wanna blame it all on me?
It was a one night stand
That's all I've had
Why you wanna blame it all on me?
It was a one night stand
That's all I've had

[Trick Daddy]
My main concern is what turns you on and uh
My mission is to get you home and uh
Kiss your body just to hear you moan and uh
Unplug the phone nigga miss the bone in ya
Yo playa just the way I led your other man
Close friend for a long cause he understand
Getting beat into crucial like you back bones
Against your back board
Whatever turns you on

Girl when I met you
You was with your friends
Sittin' in the club looking for a man
Even though you had a man at home
You thought I was a fool
But I'm the real one
Talking 'bout you was neglected and mistreated
Telling me that love is what you needed
It took two baby girl when we did it
I'm the other man so you know I'm not with it, oh no

[Repeat 1]

It was a one night stand
Yes it was, yes it was, whoa
Baby tell me is it mine?
Is it mine?

You right it was a one night stand
Wasn't in the plan
You wasn't trippin' when you was spendin' all your grands
Flossin' in your best dawg's CLK
Believe me it wasn't suppose to go down this way
You ain't choose me playa I choose you
Trust me it's other things I rather go through
I ain't call to try and keep you or drive you crazy
Just lettin' you know playboy I'm having your baby

[Repeat 1 x2]