Playa Hater Testo

Testo Playa Hater

No, don't hate no Oh yeah Oh why you wanna hate on me? 1 - Playa hater Why you wanna trip on me? See I don't know why You wanna hate on me Playa Why oh why? I don't know why So check it out, check it out Sitting home one night just thinking about it I check the clock to see the clock said twelve See I've been out just one week I did a year in DC jail See you don't know the type of things I'm going through Sometimes you in something you knew I got the clothes, unique style and pretty girls But what a cold, cold cruel world Repeat 1 (2x) See times have changed But you can't make it in this world If you don't know the game I can't lie I have no fear I'm anybody I can This brother wanna own these See I was raise as a young child Fear no man, put God in your life I hold my head now, hold my head up high And move on, I gots to move on 2 - I don't know why Playas wanna hate on me We're all the same Respect the game Repeat 2 Repeat 1 (2x) Cause all around town they dropping rage They said I'm no good They said I'm no good Females walking around telling their friends They said I'm no good They said I'm no good See now I'm making records yes indeed They said I'm no good They said I'm no good Just tell me why you want to playa hate on me On me yeah Why you wanna trip on me?