Misunderstood Testo

Testo Misunderstood

(Ft. Rsonist)

Sometimes i look at the sky
talking to god and then i ask why
he gave me this gift, he gave me this life
how i could just live, some people die
well that's why i write put my life into song
things that i feel, things that are wrong
i'm putting work from dusk until dawn
so you can relax when you hear my song
i know i'm lucky plus i'm optimistic
professor x i lead the school of the young and gifted
kush smoke got my eyes low and spirit lifted
i'm throwing haters on the cross just to keep it christian
what you know about talking that fly shit
what you know about rolling with dimes bitch
just to keep it trill, i'm the shit
shout out to them haters, sorry ya'll could never phase me
in fact i love the hate that ya'll been throwing at me lately
sometimes i sit and think to myself that it's what saved me
cause after pimp c back yea i started getting lazy
success is all good when you coming from the hood
but it don't mean nothing if you misunderstood


misunderstood, misunderstood
it don't mean nothing if you misunderstood
yea we got it hard cause we coming from the hood
success don't mean nothing if you misunderstood x 2

verse 2

stax i gotcha!

when i was born mama told me i was different, i was on a mission
they was thinking tricycles, i was thinking sixes
i was center court while they comfy on the benches
moving the oz, drinking a oe
hoping that one day he'll be the og
where i'm from north bronx in the hood
misunderstood was an understatement
say that loves a house, my house was vacant
prayed to god errrrr night hoping i make it
until my prayers turned to cash and ranges
now every day more friends become strangers
minimum wages got em picking up the gauges
got me saying to myself only god could save us
misery and heartache two of my neighbors
i'm down the block from pain and torture
where the future gorgeous but the past will haunt you
like a angel with no wings in a room with monsters
a drunk with jack in a room with no sponsors
where i'm from being broke will cost ya
try to keep up hoping i ain't lost ya
this my life so salute the author
all i want are bad bitches and a brand new porsche
a g4 plane that resemble a saucer
my minds been tainted so proceed with caution