Musta Got Lost (live) Testo

Testo Musta Got Lost (live)

(spoken)Hold on this song has a little introduction to it

It's aint supposed to be sad though you might feel it that way
It's a song about desperation, every now and then we do get desperate

This is a song about L-O-V-E, and if you abuse it yer goin to lose it and if you lose it yer goin to abuse and if you abuse it you aint going to be able to choose it cuz you aint going to have it further on down the line and things aint going to be so fine and yer going to be sitting there on your little machine tryin to look and keep it clean and your going to be home playing bingo all night all alone and that's why your sittin there by the telephone and you know that she aint goin to call you!

So you put on the TV and you're watchin Johhny Carson seguaying right into the Tomorrow show but that don't got the go so you turn it off ya turn on the radio - the radio dont' seem to get the click so you say "Hey Man, I can't lickety split" so you open up your little book and there's somethin there you got to overlook and you say "BABY, you know there's somethin on my mind!" You say "Baby there's somethin on my mind - I know that you're home and I know you're aint all alone! "
So you start walking over to her house and you get over to her house and you walk over to her door and you start poundin on her door and you say "Open up the door bitch! This is the woobla goo with the green teeth, let me in!!"

Well, she opens up the door and then you just kinda walk up to her and say "Baby", (say Baby!) you look up way up at her green mascara and you say "Oh my darling, you know her and me were at the party only as friends - do not believe what they say that's only gossip that they tellin ya - a wise crack of lies!"

Take your big curls and squeeze them down Rotunda - What's the name of the chick with the long hair? (Rapunzle!) Hey Rapunzle! (Raputa!) Raputa the Buta! Flipping down your hair let me climb up the ladder of your love!! Because this is the woobla goo sayin to ya "Love comes once and when it comes you better grab it fast cuz sometimes the love you grab aint going to last and I think I musta, oh baby I think I musta...I musta got lost!!)

Never thought about tomorrow
Seemed like a long time to come
How could I be so blind, baby
Not to see you were the one

I let ya slip on from me baby
I let ya walk on by,
Shoulda (?), you told me
refused ya love, i let it die

Musta got lost, musta got lost, musta got lost
Somewhere down the line
Musta got lost, musta got lost
Give away the day you were mine

Don't know why i let you leave me
Honey I dont know
See its hard to see lovin' comin baby
But i have a way to see it go


Love can be a sweet thing
Girl i just don't understand
Made a game outta lovin' you


I just don't understand it (3)