Rome (Outro) Testo

Testo Rome (Outro)

I can see it now
A shining horizon
Beyond the bow
I can feel it, how
A new age will begin
Though inside I'm still a kid

So when these voices loud
Say I would rather die
Than keep this body, make it mine
Remember to allow
Yourself some time to grow
You are more than what you know

When all I see's a rubbled dawn
Or I must cross the Rubicon
When it feels like I can't journey on, I'll say

Rome wasn't built in a day
Let the river wash away
The sins of the past
To build what can last, oh
I know you are afraid
Close your eyes, say a prayer
And all the roads will take you there

All the roads lead back to Rome
To the place inside that you call home
A hero's journey comes alone
All the roads, yeah, all the roads (All the roads)
Hmm, hm-mm, hm-hm-mm (All the roads)
Oh-ooh-ooh (All the roads, all the roads)

We are on our way
We are on our way
We are on our way
We are on our way