Like I Do Testo

Testo Like I Do


now that you came
i got your home game
whenever it was me and you
we were through .. disguise won't mean nothing
made him do it for you

.. talk
you don't care nobody doing like i do it
..gotta control myself for us i don't wanna lose it
hope you understand the word i mean i don't try to sound confusing
got me hypnotize cause .. body moving
everything about you so seductive i am gonna be the one always truth
let's go in .. day and .. you're proving can't wait to meet my parents
i can't wait to introduce them


i know can't nobody do it like you do it
can't nobody do it like you

you know how i do .. malibu
take you to .. massage zone ..
or we can hit the .. walking on the sandy beaches
got cash me i got so many ..
i know a lot of divas but none of them is on your level
been on you so tough since the first day i've met you
that's what happens when you practice more