Let It Go Testo

Testo Let It Go

[Verse 1:]
One day I was driving in my car and I want to change lanes
I'm looking in my rear view mirror and I see a black range doing the same
Turn my blinkers on
Start to make my turn
But he goes before me and now who's wrong but I let the brother go on
I begin to think god I'm glad this man didn't hit my ride
See I'm thinking it's done but I catch something from the side of my eye
And If I don't move my head I know that I'd be dead
Dead over lane changing what could make a man so angry

Let it go (oh we gotta)
Let it go
Stop all of the this fussing
Stop all of this cussing
Stop being abusive
And like some of this music
That's why we gotta

Let it go (yes we gotta)
Let it go
Stop all of this cheating
Stop all of this creeping
Cause once you start believing
You won't be defeated

[Verse 2:]
One day I was checking this girl but I wana stay saved
I got a wife and a kid at home I love and they all share my last name
But looking at them flies it was like a twinkle I'm my eye
I kissed her she kissed me and now who's wrong and losing their home
If I do it one time what really would the consequences be
Let a 30minute night kill a long term dream and my family
Now she got that baby saying what have you done lately
Don't let a one-night stand come between you and your promise


I am with you
Trust me I'm a man and understand
But we gotta love thy neighbour as you would have them loving on you
I know you've been deceived
But god can set you free

I said I heed you
Temptation's gonna come on every hand
But we gotta always make sure that we have the right one loving on you
So don't you be deceived by the enemy

[Chorus x2]