They can´t see me Testo

Testo They can´t see me

Medic! Medic! A, yo, that's what they yelling!

Their hearts done stopped pumping, son, and ain't no telling

What that kid gone do now, is that him writing texts?

What the?! I didn't know that son was ambidextrous

With the beats and the rhymes
Plus he said it on time

And listen to that groove

It's raw with no refined

With "Boom-na-na"..

Yeah, that's how we did it

Rolled the loop, and kick in the snare, and then he lit it

Now you're brain's on drugs

Introducing J. Rawls

He makes the beats for ya'll

And now he got the gall
Like, Who he think he is?

Like maybe Mos, Sans, and Kwa..

Ain't wrote no damn lyrics since the days of my man, Ra

But he still move the crowd

To the next universe

And ain't no chaos in this verse

But you gotta let it soak first

Before you knock it

But listen to you rock it

And once that rhyme settle up in your dome

Just buy the album when I drop it

But it ain't like that

I'm just statin' my case

I been touching Ts and marks [????] since I tied my first shoelace

So listen up! Cause, son, the rhymes about to start

So sing the chorus with me, cause that's my favorite part

Come on:

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

Who they wanna be like?

They can't see me!

Who they tryin' a' be like?

They tryin' a' be me

Who they wanna be like?

They can't see me!

Tryin' a' be like.

They can't see J. Rawls

Who they wanna be like? That's what I thought

Expected Sands on the mic, son, but, yo', you got caught

By them brothers united, and we're not Bling, Bling

And ain't no stretch Hummers and stuff

We just doin' our Thing, Thing

With the nine to five; man, I'm trying to stay alive

And, yo, this rent payment is due, and ain't no checks from Jive

Or, maybe, Tommy Mottola, or even Arista Corporation

I just do this stuff for fun, I do this stuff for Jason

Or maybe Joe Sikes (Peace son!)

So I can take it up a little higher

Put two weeks in on the job or maybe even retire

And I just got here, but I'm still working like I'm starving

And working my ass off, but it's getting kind of hard and..

So maybe the next time you see me I'll be talking about Bling, Bling

But I'll be giving to the org instead of wearing them diamond rings

Or, maybe, buying equipment, so I can perfect my craft

Making phat ass beats for Sands; so he can, keep spitting that math

So check for Book of Acks [???], and peeping the Lone Cats

But don't be expecting too many more of these damn Rawls raps

Until next rhyme, remember this moment in time

With that "Who they wanna be like?" Cause that's my favorite line

Chorus 3X