4 Seasons Testo

Testo 4 Seasons

[Redman]BitchBrick City, yoYo, yo Funk Doc straight lunatic since youngAt 8 paint chips the rare moonThat pair mics, my maintenanceI battle you and then me and Meth exchange shiftsFor money, to your house arrest ankletI take it all, if not, here's a thousandBricks, be shooting fair ones with bail bonds menI'm constant, on that paper chaseBlow zip codes from bricks to 8-1-8Doc serve to you to liquor in the plateBattle royal, in the ring smoking like ought to owe yaFire thrown to the roof of you apartmentHit 95 then I hide with the WaltonsDown South, the forty-four feelaI'm a Dolo nigga, you a Polo niggaI'm an Uptown shopper, you a Soho niggaWestside highway running, homo nigga [LL Cool J]I'm the sultan of the ghettoThe homicidal aficionadoI empty niggas out like Cristal bottles, uhWhen I battle, I'm breaking Bentleys down to gravelI got the heat right here, we ain't got to travelI'm bigger than producers, I figured out you losersI knew my longevity confuse yaBig paper game, come on run into these flamesRecognize the power of the royal King JamesPhantom Menace, that's why niggas make faces like they drinking GuinnessWhen they realize I'm not finishedI've been paid, I've been platinum, been spittin', uhBeen eatin', been ballin' and you know I'm shittin'Platinum links, chicky-eyed blonde hair, honeys sippin' rainbow colored drinksBlack thugs with white minks, ready to jack the brinkBend your little wifee over help her stretch out the kinksThat's why ya niggaz freeze when I step up in the buildingThe Godfather's here giving blessings to his childrenCarrots shine, the world all mineCan't believe these cats is poppin' shit about papers in their rhymesOr bodies they collect, black Gotti shot a techThem gangsta visions will have you ass up in an ambulanceCats ain't live, look up in my eyesWe can do this one more time, I'll let you decideThe Alizae swigger, I clock twelve figgasThink Goulianni's rough I got some real shit for niggasNever been defeated, niggas retreatedMade the choice to be seated until my mission's completedGet loose, get loose, Method Man get looseWhat the world gonna do when my dogs get loose?(Blaze one) Blaze one (Blaze one) Blaze OneBlaze, blaze, blaze one [Method Man]Now four corners, four seasonsFour MC's with four reasons to bring this game to its kneesAnd why you down there, suck my dickMy whole motto is fuck itHit the smoke shop and blow my budgetMC's abusing my bitch, using my shitI'm hanging off the roof with one hand, losing my gripNow y'all don't wanna see me do that, now do you?Go straight cuckoo and terrorize rap, do you?I do my best work stressed out and under pressureDeep inside the mind is where you'll find my buried treasureI'm still wild, still TicalStill gritty style, foul, crimi-niminal, individualSing a song a six streetPocket full of chitsToo many rappers be on John Gotti's dickNow this is something that we don't rehearsePut that rap shit second, and hip-hop first [Ja Rule]Easy, ain't near niggas spitting like meNor Murderers motherfuckin' INCNiggas will pass me, look me in the face, ask meAre y'all really on the way or did somebody ask meJa the myth, ready hand me the fifth let me explainYour lil' man made me give him a liftSo you ridin' with gangstasI'm up to a whole lot of other shitMurderers is the clique, niggas can't deal withTry it (hataz) you gonna get yours to knifeLesson tonight by the four-fourNiggas want more than a little bit, hot shitJa Rule with Hot Nix I'm the best at that shitSo bitches explain thisWe ride dick so well, head game from hellI love making them yell, my nameRule baby, And ain't shit gon' change, uh, uh [Redman]Yo Meth why don't you ask where all the ladies at? [Method Man]Where all the ladies at?All the ladies in the house with the real hairThe clean underwear and she don't need welfare, make some noiseCheck this shit out