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Testo 96R-0709

[Man] Hello
[Chris Black] Yo I hear you
[Man] Yo
[Chris Black] What up nigga?
[Man] Black
[Chris Black] Whats poppin?
[Man] In the studio finishin up this motherfuckin Murderer album nigga
[Chris Black] You really do, huh?
[Man] Yeah, Yeah, it's somethin special
[Chris Black] You out there murderin them niggaz kid
[Man] Yeah, it's somethin special, everyone here man Ja, Tah, Black
[Chris Black] Tell 'em I said whats poppin
[Man] Yeah, we all right here
[Chris Black] Tell them niggaz I said whats poppin
[Man] Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, what the fuck is goin on though kid?
[Chris Black] Nuthin motherfuckin,
[Man] Nigga, we waitin on that verse from you nigga
[Chris Black] You don't have to wait no motherfuckin longer nigga
[Man] You been writin? You been writin?
[Chris Black] For really though nigga
[Man] Hahaha
[Chris Black] The fuck you think nigga?
[Man] Really though?
[Chris Black] Really though
[Man] Aiight then lemme here somethin then nigga
[Chris Black] Aha lemme see then, aiight

[Chris Black]
Hey yo
I be that nigga that you can't get at
Ya dig, the unfuckable, thoughroly known
It's Chris Black the don, the untouchable
Murderous murder ya nigga murderin nigga from Murder Inc
Murderin everything thats movin on the street like shit stink
These motherfuckers, my familia by killin y'all
Fillin y'all with the lead from tis mac-milly y'all
In multiple ways, fuck around and assaulted and sprayed
Cuz unfortunately the shit thats spittin is holdin no weight
So respect our gang F-T-A nigga
And I hustle, why I bust you
Bitch niggaz in this game with no muscle
Who you niggaz know that's spittin in cells right out of jails?
Like Downstate to Clinton my name rings bells
Shit don't stop, a nigga don't rock if Chris don't rock
On the block I pop glocks but up North I pop the ox
Cuz I gots to eat, but in 2000 these niggaz gon see
Who put it down thoroughly for the I-N-C
Cuz I be a Murderer that pops all the time
It's Eastside til I die and that'll be some time
So c'mon nigga let's ride, cuz it's murda for life
And I murda shit right, and I murda shit tight
These niggaz know how I spit flows and flip flows for dough
Stayin raw, breakin the law just to get more dough
So I gotta take your dough nigga cuz I gots to get mine
It's Chris Black 96R-0709