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Testo Atl Tales/ride Wit Me

[Irv Gotti talking]
Nobody cares
Trouble's like a cancer, you gotta get it early
You don't get it early it gets to big, it kills you
Nobody cares
That's why you gotta cut it out
Nobody cares
Worry about yourself, your family, and people that are important to you
Let me tell you something
When your alone late at night in the bed
Just you and her under the covers
You're only allowed three great women in your life
(Is it better to be loved or feared?)
They come along like the great fighters, once every ten years
Nobody cares (That's a good question
it's nice to be both but it'd be very difficult)
That's it, capeesh
(If I had my choice I'd rather be feared, see fear last longer than love)
Don't forget where you came from

[Beat begins]

[Irv Gotti talking]
Yeah, hell yeah
I'd like to welcome everybody
Inside the world of Murder I-N-C
And I'd like to introduce to y'all
My nigga, ATL's own huh Lloyd, Lloyd
Ladies come step inside with me
To take this ride with me
To see the top of the globe
Courtesy of Murder I-N-C's
Provided privacy
Nobody'll know
Yeah I know I brought the mob with me
Cause obviously
A lot of niggaz snitch on the low
Just open your eyes
And see all these blind lies he done told
I realize how niggaz fantasize
And the unreal truth gets sold to the youth
While others try to provide their souls to the booth
Fuck that, I'm bustin' back through the roof
Thugs tact or not, hard top or drop
Show em' how to rock and rock and roll and rock
How to breed low cake and open shop
Bringin' everything I know I got

[Chorus: Lloyd]
Ain't no stoppin' what we doin'
Oh, feels like I been waitin' a while
Know it's been a long time comin' so ride
We gon' keep on movin'
It's my time to steer it now
Oh, right here and now

Niggaz come and take this ride with me
Break some pies we'll see on the side of the road
Where everyday different bodies decay
Niggaz is rotten in graves gettin' dropped in a hole
Follow me and come ride with this
Hide with and keep your eyes on watchin' for the po's
Cause they don't know about
Where we be hidin' out better turn up your jets
Headed right there yet, better build up your rep
Cause my niggaz cash checks from Hollis to the Dec
Holla at me my nigga I gotta good connect
Outbid for the complex, polishin' the Lex
Redbone bagets, French robes is fresh
Love money and sex, the best of the best
When it's all said and done it's your time to invest
You just got to do it for yourself

[Chorus: Lloyd]

[Ja Rule]
Yeah, yo
Look here my lil' nigga, let me talk to you for a minute
I'ma tell you about this business and these cash incentives
About these fake ass bitches and these bitch ass niggaz
How to spot the cowards from the killers
The flowers from the spitters
This industry is all smoke and mirrors
But we in the street niggaz so our focus is to finish niggaz off
How often do we put a nigga on
So you must be the chosen one
Your priority concern is never leave your residence without your gun
Cause you'd rather be caught with than without one
Trust me I'm like that old gangsta named Lucky
Niggaz know that my hands are dirty but still can't touch me
In this game, if you clean, you can get all the money
When it starts gettin' dirty they look at you funny
Cause it's "A Bronx Tale" like Calogero and Sonny
And that bus don't stop for everybody, call it
Keep your nose clean fuckin' with addicts and alcoholics
Cause I'll have us on the bed with some hood bitches from Georgia
That's ATL for you, New York's no different
It's L.A. and Miami that's how they visit
Keep your eyes on these snitches and fraud ass niggaz
They claim to be gangstas as soon as you see em' split em'
It's a cold world, be grateful that the Lord's forgiving
And be happy you ain't dead, sick, or in prison
My nigga

Ladies come take this ride with me
Niggaz come take this ride with me
Ladies come take this ride with me
Niggaz come take this ride with me
Ride with me, ride with me
Oh, it's Murder Inc