Back Where I Belong Testo

Testo Back Where I Belong

[LL Cool J Talking] Yo, yea, aight after this particular practice run I'ma practice both verses, after this, I want you to find a spotThat's close to when the beat drops to the rewind point, locate pointYou ain't gotta be on that all night, this the soundtrackYo, Yea, Check itok, alright, huh ok [LL Cool J]The other night I was up at Farmers, politican wit some bloodsThey told me "yo L, in the streets you aint gettin no LoveAnd Ever since the X's and the Jiggas came outMy niggas aint tryin to the hear that smooth shit you talk aboutWhat's Up wit that cat Canibus, some played you outWhy you didn't answer back correctly, fuck was that about?"As I sip on some henny, and try to explain some thingsAbout the life of a legend, and all the Drama it bringsBeen gone a long time, had a lot of shit on my mindI decided I don't want to reach my goal if it means losing my shineStreets is Hip-Hop and I'm Hip-Hop, so the streets is MineBallin' as long as you been livin', that's a long timeHard to stay hungry when your pockets are so fatYou hit a hot one in every city on the mapAnd niggas keep sleepin' and you keep coming backYou know better than the gat, but niggas still wanna clap [Chorus x2: Ja Rule]It feels so good to be back where i belongThe streets is where i belongThey had me locked down much too longHey hey [LL Cool J]Some Say "L that's cool, but see times have changed"Niggas got red bandanas, and the grill in the rangeThat gold shit is dead, niggas rock platinum chainsTrade O.E. for Henny, Colt 45 for champagneHustling niggas found they way into the gameExtorting all these so called ballers wit big namesAnd you gotta have a squad, cuz running from Def aint safeI know you living good, but aint no smile up on our faceI'm like a villain, I'm representing on my lyricsAnd force feed the world, even if they don't want to hear itAs far as Canibus go, my man is hittin' his ex-broadI'm getting head from his new pieceWhile 20 gang-bangers applaud, you came up with that bullshitSome heads sucked it up, then you dropped that garbage albumAnd totally fucked it up, I coulda told ya I knew your momsFrom the after-hours spot, when I used to be up in CanadaWith the dreads on a black block, before you dick rode Lost BoyzFor a ticket our to Jersey, but being the man I amI tried to show ya mercy, I coulda told the worldThe way ya label hates your gutsAnd how me and Wyclef, got together to set you upAnd how he gave me half your budget, don't believe me look it upYa A&R promotion niggas, they helped me hook it upI hate to be responsible, for destroying your careerA one-hit wonder, huhNo wonder you disappeared, I coulda told the worldYou get your lyrics from the internetThen spit 'em word for wordLike you really a rap vet, how you take metaphors from booksAnd put 'em in your rhyme, and how you really from CanadaAnd you been frontin' all this timeI heard your second album, that shit is garbage tooLL Cool J and I did this to youOn that note he said"Yo L, you the man", I said peace, one loveAnd Drove off in the Lex Land [Chorus x2] [LL Cool J talking]Yea nigga, the jig is up nigga, huh haYou know what I'm sayin?, all that bullshit you was talkingDont mean shit, you finish nowI'm still the man nigga The Vanguard Award is in my motherfuckin living roomYou know what I mean? come get that shit, fuck What MIC still on my arm nigga, word upBoth arms, I'ma get another one niggaYou know what I'm sayin, this LL you know how I get downYou should of known, when you did itHe probably did it to get some famebut is this really what you want? Hahahahahahahha