Smokin' And Ridin' Testo

Testo Smokin' And Ridin'

feat. 0-1, Jodie Mack[Ja Rule]Gangsta.. you knowHuh, gangsta, c'mon, heheUhh.. got my nigga Vin Diesel in the house, y'knowNumber one movie in the country and all thatHaha! Yo..[Chorus: Ja Rule]Nuttin but some gangsters, smokin and ridin (YO!)Come on get high with us (NIGGA!)Come on and ride with us (BITCHES!)Cause, we're.. nuttin but some gangsters (YO!) smokin and ridin (YO!)Come on get high with us (C'MON NIGGAZ!)Come on and ride with us (YO!)[Ja Rule]Hey baby; c'mon and hop in my fo'-three-oh, S-EAnd let's see, how quick you fall victim to this GI'm a gangsta BITCH, a mack like GoldieBut I never let the strength of this money control moneyNiggaz is somethin like pimps, the Rule is an O.G.I make three G's a day, thirty-three a weekAnd my hoes hardly speak - they smoke while they rideJust, blowin the driver, when I'm one car behind ya(Nuttin but some gangsters) on Daytons and lowridersAnd three-wheel motion, bumpin Tha EastsidazI love Cali-for-ni-ay, on a hot dayWhere the green is wetter, and the head is even better(So get high tonight.. and if you rollin like I'm rollinyou ridin right.. and if she fuckin with them gangstasain't nuttin nice.. and if you knowin what I'm knowinthen live your life.. cause, we're..)[Chorus](Cause, we're..)[0-1](Nuttin but some gangsters..) Ridin by in them big trucksChrome wheels spinnin and killin niggaz with big bucksSee baby I came up, from bein a thugFrom a nigga sellin them drugs on the corner throwin up slugs(Show me love!) All of y'all biches wanna ride with us(Mask and gloves!) Up when it's time to fuck bitches(Wanna be loved!) All you get is hard dick off the drugs(Pass the bud!) Yo bitch I ain't seen none of that dubBut give me that Remi, a half a bottle already in meI cop a ounce, from one stizzy, and smoke 'til I'm dizzyWho ridin with me? Both of y'all bitches slide right inJust me, you, and your friend - I'll be fuckin y'all 'til the morninC'mon, I love bitches with thongs on, that love to get it onwith gangsters, leavin they pussies warm'til like four in the mornin, baby girl, I'm goneHop in the 6, devour your lawn BITCH, cause we're[Chorus](Cause, we're..)[Jodie Mack](Nuttin but some gangsters..) Holla!And if you, bout the dollars then pop your collarsCause we ain't nuttin but some gangsters, nigga smokin and ridinWho put it down for real, got this dough multiplyinStraight, livin it up and fuckin with thugsthat push trucks that's sittin on dubs, not givin a fuckY'all niggaz know me, Chris Black slash the O.G.So please believe I'm gangsta I control these streets[Ja Rule]Yo, nobody leaves nobody breathes until I enter the partyAnd ease up in a 550 Medina FerrariPull in handicapped parkin, hop out with the lock inand wink at the hoes while I walk inWho's ridin and smokin tonight with playersAnd I ain't talkin bout them niggaz with them Marvin gatorsI'm talkin bout them niggaz all up in fronts and gaugesand runnin up in spots and blazin, we call them gangsters, yo![Chorus][Outro: Ja Rule]Cause, we're.. nuttin but some gangsters, smokin and ridinCome on get high with usCome on and ride with usCause, we're.. nuttin but some gangsters.. smokin and ridinCome on get high with usCome on and ride with usCause, we're.. nuttin but some gangsters