Worldwide Gangsta Testo

Testo Worldwide Gangsta

[Black Child talking] What's up Chi-town? Yeah, Murder INC. back up in ya area On that gangsta shit ya know Connect worldwide Worldwide gangsta shit nah mean? From Chi-town to Miami Houston to mother fuckin' LA, we connect nigga With some gangsta shit [Caddillac Tah] Mother fuckers, you frontin' we comin' with heat niggas AR-15s we sweepin' up the street bigger Guns make niggas run, we squeeze triggers We leave niggas dead for the stacks, slumped over, head in they lap [Black Child] Yo, we constantly count cream in the crackhouse Basically, we bangin' bitches backs out I feel like the last child Throwin' bricks at a glasshouse Poppin' and puffin' till I pass out [Caddillac Tah] This gangsta shit is for all my youngens who flip birds And hug the block, in club they Cris and twist the bud, nigga what We live it up, from Chi-town to my town We diggin sluts, long dickin' in the guts [Black Child] We just religious thugs, gangsta pimps Hoes fall in love the way we throw this dick The Hummers on dubs look like tanks and shit We came to stop the bank, don't blink be sick [Caddillac Tah] Nigga all of our love is for the chips And I don't chase hoes, just pasos and bricks Nigga let me sum it up Y'all niggas is dumb enough Run on up, the guns we tuck, bust Ashes to ashes, dust to dust [Black Child] Holla at us, R-O-C-K-L-A-N-D and I-N-C With Boo and Gotti, Ferrari Black and Caddillac Tah Nigga, we go hard [Gotti] I'm loud when the shells pop Still I sell rock Got outta jail on bail, gettin' ready to plot Yo I kidnap niggas Then bitch smack niggas Give me the crack nigga or get clap nigga I ain't one of these rap niggas I'm a big gat spitter Bangin' and slangin' to be a rich ass nigga Don't get tired in these streets My nigga died in these streets It's only one option, provide for these streets My peeps out here so I ride with these streets Spent weeks out here, grind on these streets I know the deal out here It's real out here Got bitch bud murder and I'm still out here Rockland, Murder INC. you get killed out here Chi-town, New York, blood spill out here And thugs like me, still out here Yeah you heard nigga, I'm still out here [Boo] A yo I ride up, lied up outta my mind Black Cadillac truck nigga, loaded with nines To my thugs on the block, holdin' it down I got love on the block, look at my eyes Rockland, Murder INC. what the fuck you think Me and Gotti whole plan is to cover the streets We don't wanna body you man, fuck the beef We sell a lot of these grams, and clutch the heat To many moves to be made, fake thug niggas Get a few through they brain, I been plug nigga It's rules to the game Cats like me play not to lose in this game You see this little nigga makin' moves in the Range I see you wack niggas still crusin' with lames Get full nigga cause it's food to the brain Rockland nigga spit fire and flames Get it right nigga, we gangsta [Ja Rule] Murder INC. gets poppin' pills, clips, however you like it Niggas get extorted, bitches get excited Known to start riots, the Rule and I-N-C Got fedaraleighs watchin' me, the Y-G and I-G Put it together family orientated through guns, drugs, and good relations Real conversations, we call it real talk And that shit spreads all the way from LA to New York And I love talk, that's when you get to smash on niggas Catch 'em in the dark spot and put the flash on niggas Cameras, lights, action, go buck at the master C's and past if when I die blow my ashes Off the shores of Costa Rica, nigga to each is own The Rule ain't dyin' alone motherfuckers