Un Lugar Celestial (a Heavenly Place) Testo

Testo Un Lugar Celestial (a Heavenly Place)

Sometimes i realize when i gaze in the skies
this spinning world is not my home
a place of mystery, a land of destiny
is where i know someday i'll go
I dream of beauty i have never seen
i know the arms of heaven wait for me
and yet i feel its sweetness here and now
in this life on earth -- i have found
un lugar celestial
just a little bit of heaven sent from up above
un lugar celestial
where the presence of my father
holds me in his love
un lugar celestial
When all my skies are gray
i simply steal away
into my secret hiding place
when hearts are cold as ice
the breath of paradise
blows warm and gentle on my face
I know i need my time alone with him
his healing waters flowing deep within
don't have to wish upon a distant star
¡®cause the light of love fills my heart
El cielo me llama (heaven is calling me)
caminando en las nubes (walking on the clouds)
dulce beso delibertad (sweet kiss of liberty)
nubes de gloria (clouds of glory)