Sweet Adeline Testo

Testo Sweet Adeline

Verse 1:
There was a man
With a little girl
She was all he had
The moon and the stars of his world
She loved to dance
A ballerina since the age of 3
So when the Lord took her away
The broken man put her dancing shoes on her grave
And he said

Sweet Adeline
Keep flying to your place beyond the sky
Sweet Adeline
Dont look down on us as we hold our heads and cry
As we cry

Verse 2:
That broken man
Sat alone and sobbed
Thinking of the life he could have lived
If not for his fallen star
He dreamed of Adeline,
A young lady at the prom,
Who would one day walk down the aisle,
Holding her fathers arm,
And he said


And when the day came
For her to have kids
What a great grandfather
He would have been
But all is lost
And all is gone
And all that remains of Adeline is this song.