Guess Who's Bizzack Testo

Testo Guess Who's Bizzack

I'm chopping for the cross call it body language
I been wearing it so long it's like a body painting
I'm stretching out the word like palates training
Since I been flexing on the verbs everybody anxious
Mmmm man I ain't no what to do
But I knew minds get influenced they ain't holding the truth
It's real, I hear the devil talking where he at though
I'm guessing since nobody's Famous homies back broke
Guess who's bizzack the backpack snapback
Rocker to ride a track like a diamond in the back
I figured I'd fall off grinding all this crack
But God given assignment I'll be rhyming until it's wack uh
Whatever the price homie I'm Bob Barker
It's probably going be money when the wheels turn
Yea, the price right hold up never mind
Homie It's God Over Money but I'm a still earn
Yea, Man I was on the way to exile
Until God got me doing the stitching up on my textile
Cause I was trying to get up in my ex isles
Sending smiley faces I was working on my text styles
Get it, But I ain't really trying to waste no time
Mentioning old like its glittering and gold
Cause since the Lord came put a finish on my soul
I been feeling Lauryn Hill He the sweetest thing I know
And well done better than well said
And with the Bread of Life I've been well feed
Cause I's steady cooking up in Hell's shed
Before the homie seen the Light I should have fell dead

Yea, darn right fell dead
Yea yea, fell Dead
Praise God I should have fell dead
That's why I'm here

Back in the lab again back smacking the track
Yapping and other jabbering
Back tackling wack scavenging back paddling
Pap pappin and crap acting
Clap clapping if it's nat cracking it's cat napping
Back for the static with any port a potty cats
Rapping and talking fly like half a million Africans
In a Serengeti living tragic with all the savages uh
Broken and battered skin I'm praying they laugh again
It's to the master or I'm fading to the black again
Displaying the wrath a sinner portraying the path to friend
Trading a tragic end for Paradise and a passion to get it in
I'm scrapping until the end cause I'm blood bought
I'm finna die for it a lesson that love taught
And I'm ride for it even though my one rag
Couldn't get my stain off of one fault
Say my God did it with one cross
And I was thinking it was mine all the paper I was getting
I was child like probably Neverland where I was living
On that brown life Henny and a chalice I was sipping
Then I heard God's Son and he told me it was written
And I'm forgiven yea

I'm forgiven yea I'm forgiven
Yea yea man I'm forgiven
Uh that feels good don't it
Yea yea Hope Hop

Said I don't know about y'all but I know bout us
And it's God Over Money cause In God I trust you heard
Said I don't know about us
But it's God over Money cause In God I trust you heard
Yea, I said know bout us
And it's God Over Money cause in God I trust you heard
It's God Over Money