Break Up To Make Up Testo

Testo Break Up To Make Up

Why shud we break up if we keep making up?
Let's just stay together!

I kno together we make this relationship alil harder at least on ourselves
We give and we take from each other so much that I feel we don't need no one else
We fuss and we fighting the next day we tight it's jus crazy girl you need some help

Girl if you
Pull up to my window I'm a take ya order
Anything you want girl you kno I'll get it for ya
Say u wanna be my baby u kno I gotta spoil ya
For the rest of my life I'm here to enjoy ya
So why da hell we break up
If we only make up
I ain't gone stop can't even front you the only one I want girl
So why the hell we break up if we only make up

We woke with the both and some soft spoken words that will lead you right into my arms
The perfect equation like [? ] dats why we are probaly apart
No one on this earth is like ms butterworth it's sumone id do anything for
It seems like your throwing your heart away


In the middle of the night I be wondering why
Many days gone by and I ain't gone lie
My baby
Call me crazy
But your like a drug
So I can stay lit
And get back in love
And I look stupid in disguise
But girl you kno I love ya
And I kno sumtimes we struggle
You are lucky to get cuddled
Come and take a ride