Let Loose Testo

Testo Let Loose

[Verse 1: Game]
I need a girl like Keyshia Cole
Blowin' on keesha, oh...
Lovin' them features, oh...
Damn, a nigga 'bout to straight lose control
Stuntin' all in them Trues
Make them whores use...
She's like Nicki up in that strip club
All her shows sold out
Damn, that cookie's so warm
Tastes like Nestlé Toll House
She's got that drip, drip
That wet, wet - it's no dry
No lie, no doubt...
She got a pink pussy and a gold mouth
I've got a red car and a black ghost
And I'm tippin' them all, so let's roll out
She got everything she wants
I've got everything she needs
I've got a bag of pills, I've got endless weed
If you can ride that dick like a 10-speed
Knock the pussy out, Apollo Creed
If she can swallow pills then she can swallow me
She can count that money, she can count on me
We poppin' spades, next round on me
Beat the pussy up, Jeremih in the background
Once she's naked I don't back down
Rap your legs around me, let the pussy drown me
Beat it up like we both on Smackdown
And it's Monday night... Magic City, nigga
That's chicken wings, Ace of Spades
Ass and titties, nigga...

[Hook: Jeremih]
Roll out, roll out...
Don't you hold out, hold out...
This your show now, show now
Won't you show out, show out
Girl you're so sold out (many times)
Slow down, so now...
Damn, you keep me hot, hot...
When it's cold out, cold out...
Won't you let loose, let loose
Let loose, let loose
Let loose, let loose
Let loose... (baby, you're a star)
Just let loose, let loose
Let loose, let loose
Let loose, let loose (baby, you're a star)

[Verse 2: Jeremih]
I need a girl like Iesha (with a back)
Not Moesha...
Smoke a little reefer... eyes like Mona Lisa
Oh, oh, that don't leave me
So I know, know she 'bout it
Let me show you this movie
Oh, you didn't know we make 'em?
Maybe this one is R-Rated
You should lay there, I'mma paint it
Look where we landed, there's no plane here
I'mma surround ya, I'mma frame ya
Won't you go out here? I'mma tame it
Look at that ass, girl, I should name it
Shake, shake, shake it fast
This is your time, girl, make it last
Ditch that, dump that, break the glass
Hop up on, hit the brakes fast
I only wanna rodeo
So mind your script, or get a hold on
I only get excited when I know you gon' get to riding
'Cause I know that nobody is fucking with your body, no...

Ooh, you let it go. don't let it go
Just let it flow, let 'em know
(Know you gotta remember I don't really care about your nigga)