One More Cry Testo

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Testo One More Cry

I've been looking for somethin' I'm gon' find
What should I do in the meantime?
Say you can't look for it, it'll find you
Do you feel the same too?
Something that I ain't said in a long time
Front line, I was fighting for you
Angels sing in the choir for you
If you want it
Favorite poem, I wrote it for you
Know you know it
Turned it into a song for you

Days go by, I try
To bottle these tears inside
Here's one more cry
I cry

Single-handedly, I been taking real good care of me
That shit in my blood like liquor or Cherokee
Y'know black folk, we don't go to no therapy
Tell 'em keep they two cents, give it to charity
Go H.A.M. like Sara Lee
Watch it all go down the drain like merrily, merrily
Legally blind and my friends, I see them barely, barely
They say let me holla at you, guess that's why they call them holidays
But Christmas feel like Simba on a Father's Day
I'm supposed to be the strongest, the oldest
The leader of our country-ass family
The POTUS, the podium come up to my shoulders
I'm short and I'm shook and I'm broken
My favorite voters can't show up to the polls
And you still don't want me to show emotion and I refuse
'Cause I love you that's why, 'cause I want to that's why
'Cause I miss you that's why, 'cause I miss you that's why
Know I said that was the last one last year
But we both know you deserve one last tear

Days go by, I try
To bottle these tears inside
There's one more cry
I cry

Every time I feel the grace, it feel like God just said "Hello there"
Never been to heaven but I know I wanna go there
Carry me through cancer when my auntie didn't have no hair
Shook me when she left us but my faith did not go nowhere
I've been banging on my chest when I cry, flex when I cry
Beat a nigga's ass when I cry, that's when I cry
Feel like I'm the man when I cry, I won't let it go
Don't hold it against me
My Auntie Kim told me punch you in your motherfucking mouth if you lie on me
Can't no pussy ass nigga ever never get down on me
079, they count on me
Tears raining down on me, to the ground on me
Me and God playing tips 'cause he never gonna bounce on me, won't bounce on me
Tryna find a button-up shirt for your funeral
Tryna find a bunch of answers only you would know
I'm just tryna play my part like a movie role
Need a bitch face-down like it's Yu-Gi-Oh!
I ain't tryna act hard, life's hard enough
God knows my heart when the cards is tucked
So I ain't never been scared of no groupie hoe
Though I walk through the valley like Coolio
I've been up for days, I ain't cry for years, bitch I'm fucking serious
Let em dress where I get my dress, are you okay sis?
Yeah I'm lit, had to let them live, had to let them live
See you at the crib, see you at the crib

Favorite poem I wrote it for you
Know you know it
Turn it into a song for you