Back Down Testo

Testo Back Down

I ain't never, ever been the type to back down
Know exactly where to find me
I ain't hard to track down
Yeah, gotta keep it cool
Time to lay my hat down
Yeah I know I just arrived but it's time you sat down x2

In case you couldn't tell it from the way in which I walk
Or if you couldn't listen to the way in which I talk
I ain't never had a problem that I wasn't fit to solve
So if you can't resolve then you know who you should call
Some cats seek beef I don't wanna get involved
But if you play me wrong then you're bound to take a fall
Most of these cats thinkin they above the law
And pack a triple beam like you weigh a butterball
Got my back against the wall
But I'm not givin an inch to you villains
I was just sent to deliver music
And spit till you feel it
I got no gimmicks or image cause if I said it I live it
So if I said it I meant it
So I am destined to finish
Head of the independents
Deadin my inhibitions
Settin my inner vision to strike with out intermission
Better than independents with cheddar and better spendin
I'm better than ever whereever-ever I'm ready to get it
Cause I'm the realest who did it ever I said it again
Music is mine and I was really just usin a vision
Never let any one individual tell you it isn't
Especially in business
Cause industry indecision is typically in the endin
Simply never listen to entities that are missin
The grand scheme or simply missin my vision
Everything bout me was different
Followed my intuition
To pay off all my tuition
By gettin you all to listen to the music.


They wanna call me a menace
To all the industry
Because I don't pretend to be
Somethin I've never been
Even when they wasn't into me
Heads wanted to finish me
Because I wanted them to see
The errors of their ways
And the problem with them mimicking
Exactly what they tend to see
Up on the television screen
The mainstream being and the corporate level imaging
I'll never let them get to me
I'll never settle mentally
For anything that? s less than the best till the end of me.