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Testo Hasta Luego

Hasta luego, I'm finna break

All of my, all of my life
I been chasing a check and I never get it
Been around it, seen it, never had it
Mama, daddy, whole family, broke family
I'ma get it, told 'em I'll fuckin' handle it
And murder the game so the service candle lit
Emergency lane and I'm swerving, damaging the whip
But shit, fuck it, I'm fucking vanishing
Had to get out of Atlanta for a little minute
You know that there's madness in the fucking city
I thought it was love here
I thought I was good, I'm stuck in the mud here
I'm looking for drugs
I'm looking for big buds with the good hair
Or a ten-piece hot lemon pepper sprinkled
Fries crinkled, that's the lingo
If that's your girlfriend, she acting single
I caught the pass like I'm Ochocinco
I hit the gas down ocho cinco, like 85
It's like 8 or 9 'o clock, my nine cocked
If you on my guap, I won't stop 'til that boy go pop
They won't stop 'til they boy like Pac
They just pop 'til they brain fall out
They never know what I be talking about
I only do it 'cause they never really talking about it
Bout it, bout it, turn the music louder, louder
How the fuck did anyone assume the God
The Son, the Son of God, runnin' from the money
Bleed the blood just like the money, it's not Jumanji
I'm the doom that damned the dungeon
I'm the spoon that fed the hungry
Stand for something, fall for nothing, all or nothing
Y'all niggas balling, huh?
Just to find out that shit is all for nothing

I been going crazy, somebody pray for me
Take a second, take a knee
It'll mean everything, it'll mean everything to me

I tell 'em to get out the way, I'm finna take it to 'em
Hasta luego, we finna make a move
Give me a break, what is you saying to 'em?
Give me the 'K, I'm finna spray the room
I'm finna spray the room (Shit, uh, okay)

Ok, everybody rich, everybody skraight, yeah, everybody ballin'
I never had shit, mind over matter, outside, I can't call it
All my niggas finna get a job, or they already got it
Couple trapping, couple catching bodies
Please don't come to East Atlanta, shawty
With your bullshit and your flex cap tryna' juug shit
Nah nigga, you'se a good lick, be a good guy, you a good kid
Never really understood this
But it's probably not for me to understand
I just played the cards I was fucking handed
And dealt with it like a fucking man
You my nigga then you my nigga then
Then we stick together like we Huck and Finn
We gon' get the chicken while we fucking hens
Don't let any nigga come fuck up the plan
If we gotta ride, well then, fuck it, then
If a nigga die, it got out of hand
If I touch the sky then my other guys
Recognize, must avenge
Jeopardize, I publicize, justified
When we busted in, were you terrified?
Was it televised when them rebel guys started busting heads
Over what a nigga said or do to J.I.D?
These the crazy niggas that I grew up with
In the shady city that I grew up in
They ain't doing shit but they doing shit

Hasta luego, I gotta get up away from here
Hoping that somebody pray for me
Telling you it'll mean everything
Everything you know what I mean
There's no working no emergency
I don't wanna be a burden, yeah
I just really hope you love a nigga when he's hurting

I tell 'em get out the way, I'm finna take it to 'em
Hasta luego, we finna make a move
Give me a break, what is you saying to 'em
Give me the 'K, I'm finna spray the room
I'm finna spray the room