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Testo LeTumbapart1

Y'all niggas lookin' like money; ching-ching
Light shine, starin' at your wrist; bling-bling
Lightweight J.I.D., get drunk off a Yuengling
Let that thing sing, sing, sing, send him to Sing Sing
But I ain't got time for no jail time, no
Pick them shells up, let 'em cool down, blow
Pull up to your big ass crib like ("Hello?")
Nobody here? Y'all ready to go?
I got division like Mansa Musa
Can fuck your bitch like a barracuda
Uzi tooly Boolie, who the shooter?
Yeah, it's not mine, cause I forgot the ruger
Never been a gangster, I'm riding with my seatbelt on, tryna drive and roll up all of this weed in my palms

Twenty-five to life, it all started with a coca leaf
I swear I been the dopest this not how its supposed to be
Niggas spent the bend and shot at everybody close to me
And they killed my nigga T, dome shot, R.I.P
Niggas killing niggas I ain't even get the notion
They out here catching bodies and a nigga ain't provoke em
Oh shit, guess I need to pick me up a strap now
Nowadays, niggas don't even know how to act (Bow)
Run to the hills to avoid the high waters
They flooded the crops, kill pops, they tryn done us
They Marshawn Lynch with the Glock, they ran rumpus
Dunk us, Jordan signs seen clear when they stomp us
Sick of Atlanta, I hit my girl, then flew to Dulles
Bumping Dwele, dwelling on the past they ain't tell us about
All we do is accept they bullshit they sell us
Niggas ain't talking how they living
(Mumbling, repetitive 'For real!' 'Okay!')

*Do feel or do you think that it's a human nature that we always want more?*
I think it's not just in human nature I think it's a characteristic of all life, I think opportunism and greed has really been the key to you know, survival
*Can you relate to that, always wanting more?*
Well, the truth is, it's you know, we all have good and bad in us and that, you know, you have to stop yourself, you have to stop yourself. You know and ultimately create a balance and think about others
I think everyone can get into that addiction I mean it's an easy trap to get into, you know, on a personal level uh, you know I think that you find people like this and I've met a lot of people like this who's entire world is consumed by wealth. And and you meet them and you talk to them and you realize they dont have a lot of foundation in their life whatsoever
And so therefore this becomes the root of all hapiness for them. And of course I like money like everybody else, that would be an absolute lie, but I think its important to be responsible at the same time. And I also think it's important to give back to if your in a privilaged position. I think that that should be a pre-requisite to anyone who's gotten to accumulate a lot of welath in their life
I think that it should be standard

For real
For real
For real