Right On Straight Ahead Testo

Testo Right On Straight Ahead

Freedom Keep on pushing straight ahead Drifting Ezy Ryder Here comes Ezy, Ezy Ryder, Riding down the highway of desire The free wind takes him higher Trying to search for his heaven above But he's dying to be loved He's gonna be living so madly Today is forever, so he claims He's talking about dying, it's almost tragic, baby But don't you worry about today We got freedom coming our way How long do you think he's gonna last - Can I forecast? See all the lovers say "Do what you please!" Gotta get the brothers together and the right to be free In a cloud of angel dust I think I see a freak Hey, look, motorcycle mama, you gonna marry me (Gonna be stoned crazy... Love come in kinda easy... stoned crazy, baby) There goes Ezy, Ezy Ryder Riding down the highway of desire He says the free wind takes him higher Searching for his heaven above He's dying to be loved Night Bird Flying My Friend Straight Ahead Hello, my friend so happy to see you again I'm so alone All by myself Just couldn't make it. Have you heard Baby What the winds blowing down Have you heard Baby A lot of peoples coming right on down. Communication coming on strong it don't give a damn Baby if your hair is short or long I said get out of your grave Everybody is dancing in the street Do what you know don't be slow You gotta practice what you preach Cause it's time for you and me. Forget about the past Baby Things ain't what they use to be Keep on Straight Ahead We got to stand side by side We got to stand together and organize They say power to the people Thats what they're screamin' Freedom of the soul Pass it on, pass it on to the young and old. You got to tell me the children the truth they don't need a whole lot of lies Cause one of these days Baby They'll be running things. So when you give them love You better give it right Woman - Child - Man and Wife the best love to have is the Love of Life. Hello my friend So good to see you again Been all by myself I don't think I can make it alone Keep Pushing Ahead.